About Us

Our Experience


After 20+ years of developing innovative services and products for start-ups and small to mid-size corporations, we decided to reach into our communities and guide existing and aspiring entrepreneurs through a variety of business planning workouts that provide them with insights and actionable steps to dramatically improve your business performance.

Our Approach


Our services help you pause long enough to think through the issues your business needs yet engage you in a fun and energetic way such that you enjoy the process. 

Our Business Planning Workouts are like 'a spin class for your brand'.  You'll be challenged; you'll market to and receive feedback from other workout participants; you'll leave with a long list of actions that will improve your business.

Why Us?


 We help you to:

  • Clarify your goals and message
  • Determine which business planning workout is for you
  • Build concise 1-page Visual Maps you can understand and articulate
  • Commit to milestones and action items
  • Identify what resources you need to acquire to get to your desired business destination