H.B. Cujamaa Collective

Why Join the Collective?

For Business Owners, it's a constant challenge to find the best resources, talent, and expertise at a reasonable cost. Every day, the business could benefit from external help to overcome their weaknesses and grow their businesses and the support of peers. This is especially true if you are a small or mid-size minority business owner; passionate about their business and passionate about HBCUs. 

The main problem these business owners face is finding reasonably priced talent that shares their passion. Today their best option is to work their personal and professional networks to find the resources; but of course, they don't  have an easy way to find, evaluate, and interact with resources for specific projects and internships.  

Additionally, most HBCU alumni would like to support their Alma Maters and other HBCUs but a donation or scholarship does not create a direct business return on their donation. 

If only there was a way to get the lower cost resources, talent, and expertise Business Owners need AND support their HBCUs, then the Business Owner can get a direct business return on their HBCU-related investment.

The H.B. Cujamaa Collective provides that way to connect HBCU grown Business Owners with each other, HBCU talent pools, and Funding Sources to collectively grow each others' endeavors.


Join the Collective

  • Daju Proof Business Planning Customers, who also attended a Historically Black College or University, may join the H.B. Cujamaa Collective.
  • Students, Professors, and Administrators of Historically Black College or University's may join the Collective
  • Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Procurement Officers, and Lendors who have an HBCU heritage or are inspired by HBCU alumni may join the Collective